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As a trained interior decorator with over 30 years of professional experience in the interior design industry, I was able to live out my joy to work day after day. In the last 10 years we have created a new “brand” through close cooperation with our suppliers and founded the trading company LOFT PARKETT.

On other ways! An extraordinary parquet exhibition with a unique assortment is waiting for you. All LOFT Parquet floors are individually handmade with great attention to detail by selected parquet manufacturers in Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Discover the magical intensity and charisma that only a real wooden floor can give us.

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LOFT Classic

LOFT Classic stands for the small budget and includes a plank format of 120 to 240 cm and widths of 10 to 24 cm. Of course Loft Classic can be combined with LOFT Prestige and LOFT Deluxe.

LOFT Prestige

LOFT Prestige embodies the cornerstones of the sophisticated living style. Its dimension makes rooms shine to elegance and well-being. The Prestige floorboard is available in lengths of approx. 180 to 300 cm and in widths of 14 to 28 cm.

LOFT Deluxe

LOFT Deluxe also known as a plank or room-long hallway, promises a truly excellent living experience. This exclusive plank enchants your house into a castle and gives the rooms a new kind of extraordinary generosity. Made in lengths of 300 to 800 cm and widths of 22 to 50 cm by hand.


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