Loft Manufacture

A masterpiece of European parquet production! All floors from LOFT Parkett are individually handcrafted with great attention to detail by selected parquet manufacturers in Germany, Austria and Italy. Discover the magical intensity and charisma that only a real wooden floor gives us. LOFT Parkett, artistically created for valuable customers.



LOFT Classic stands for the smaller budget and includes a board format in lengths from 120 to 240 cm and widths from 10 to 24 cm. Loft Classic can of course be combined with LOFT Prestige and LOFT Deluxe.


LOFT Prestige embodies the cornerstones of upscale living. Its dimensions let rooms shine with elegance and comfort. The Prestige plank is supplied in lengths from approx. 180 to 300 cm and in widths from 14 to 28 cm


LOFT Deluxe, also called castle plank or room-long plank, promises a truly excellent feeling of living. This exclusive hallway enchants your house in a castle and gives the rooms a new kind of extraordinary generosity. The board is made by hand in lengths from 300 to 800 cm and widths from 22 to 50 cm.


Loft Castle – lock planks are manufactured by us in manufactories in Austria and in the Black Forest by hand in lengths up to 14 meters and widths up to 50 cm. Take a look at a unique selection of specially soaped oak planks, volcano chestnut, karst floors with HO2 water stains, wild oak planks and more than 20 different lock planks in our exhibition on areas of 400 x 90 cm.


Loft Antique, a unique and unprecedented selection of waste wood. A wood-based material collection in boards made of oak that is +/- 200 years old. You can get our waste wood in country house floorboards and e.g. French and Hungarian herringbone or parquet in Versailles or other patterns. All of our options from old oak boards are available with an authentic outer surface (outsides) or a brushed inner surface (insides). Please contact us for more information. For the interior wall design, we also offer our new 3D wall panels made from recycled root teak or spruce barn wooden boards.


Twenty is a new generation in the way of laying parquet flooring with great freedom and with a spirit of ideas. The concept is based on a 20 cm wide module in three different lengths. The lengths 40, 60 and 80 cm can be laid individually and at will to create a harmonious parquet floor. The zeitgeist of the old table parquet in a new dimension, Loft Twenty.

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