A masterpiece of European parquet production! All floors of LOFT Parkett are handmade individually and with great attention to detail by selected parquet manufactories in Germany, Austria and Italy. Discover the magical intensity and charisma that only real wood flooring gives us.

LOFT parquet, artfully created for valuable customers.

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About us

Our company, which is 100% in Hungarian hands, is located in Zalalövő on the edge of Őrség, one of the most beautiful region of Hungary. With the help of 190 employees, the 6.9-hectare site processes 13,000 m3 of oak each year and produces 200,000 m2 of EDELHOLZ soil. The noble products are sold primarily in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the Far East. We attach great importance to the Hungarian market. From year to year more and more families choose our EDELHOLZ flooring, which provides security for the whole family through generations.


The unique European oak forests and the love of oak wood brought our traditional oak sawmill to life more than 25 years ago. The third generation is already working day by day on product and company development. Thanks to the diligent, goal-oriented work we have achieved that today we bring only high-quality, premium products on the market.

The Hungarian oak

Noble and timeless! These are the two characteristics of the qualitative Hungarian oak, which is the basic material of our EDELHOLZ floor. For its beautiful light brown color and its hard structure, it thanks the weather of the Transdanubian region. The more than a long-standing history of oak wood radiates decency and tranquility, which are indispensable in our modern, modern, rapid life. Our goal is to preserve these values and pass them on to our customers, so that they can enjoy the natural EDELHOLZ floors for a lifetime!

Our mission

Our mission is to produce high quality, natural wood flooring that can be a gem of our customers’ home. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our valued customers, to further develop our company, and to ensure a higher standard of living for our employees.


The consistent and consistently high quality of our wooden floorboards, which sets us apart from other flooring manufacturers in the market. The huge round and sawn timber warehouse, the modern sawmill, the large drying chambers specializing in oak drying, the sophisticated planing mill and the unique equipment for surface treatment ensure our advantage. The constant availability of the native round and sawn wood allow a perfect chamber drying. The long air conditioning time after the artificial drying and the air-conditioned storage and production halls lead to a tension-free solid wood floorboard after the profiling with the highest accuracy of fit.


In our production, modern technology meets traditional manufacture production. Our experienced skilled workers and carpenters convey the tradition and the values of the past. In addition to the past of the more than 120-year-old oak tree, our carpenters realize their own stories. This makes all our planks unique and incomparable.


As a producer, we ensure sustainability. With the introduction of FSC system, we have become a member of the international organization Forest Stewardship Council. Her ultimate goal is also to promote sustainable forestry. We get our basic material from the sustainable forestry so that our grandchildren also get to know the rich life and unique atmosphere of the forests.


Walkable dreams!

Be inspired and immerse yourself in a world full of nature. Our exhibition includes well over 400 generous sample panels. We arrange our opening times according to you, with a telephone reservation you receive a comprehensive consultation from the parquet specialists and owners. Call us and make an appointment, Tel. 041 850 40 10.

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