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the idea

LOFT PARKETT – The parquet – The brand. An idea which is becoming more and more popular year after year and which makes the way to Central Switzerland a unique parquet experience.


All of our manufacturing companies have been producing parquet flooring for many years, some for well over 100 years. Often we work according to old tradition and buy the raw material, which is mostly oak, in whole tree trunks. The logs are produced and manufactured by the raw material manufacturers via storage, drying and cutting up to the finished multi-layer parquet or a plank in one operation. This production process makes it possible to achieve a uniform appearance in colour and surface.

Our mission

Our mission is to produce high quality, natural wood flooring – a jewel of the house – with the aim of satisfying the needs of our customers. Our company is constantly being developed and our employees are guaranteed a higher standard of living.


The consistent and always high quality of our wooden planks distinguishes us from other flooring manufacturers on the market. The huge round and sawn timber warehouse, the modern sawmill, the large drying kilns specialising in oak drying, the highly developed planing mill and the unique surface treatment equipment ensure our advantage. The constant availability of domestic round and sawn timber allows perfect chamber drying. The long air-conditioning period after artificial drying and the air-conditioned storage and production halls lead to a tension-free solid wood floorboard after profiling with the highest fitting accuracy.


In our production modern technology meets traditional manufactory production. Our experienced skilled workers and carpenters convey the traditional values. Together with the past of more than 120 old oak trees the carpenter realizes his own history. This makes all our planks unique and incomparable.


As a producer, we ensure sustainability. Since the introduction of the FSC system, we have been a member of the international organisation Forest Stewardship Council, whose primary objective is to promote sustainable forestry. We obtain our basic material from sustainable forestry so that our grandchildren can also get to know the rich habitat and the peculiar atmosphere of the forests.

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Walkable dreams!

Be inspired and immerse yourself in a world full of nature. Our exhibition includes well over 400 generous sample panels. We arrange our opening times according to you, with a telephone reservation you receive a comprehensive consultation from the parquet specialists and owners. Call us and make an appointment, Tel. 041 850 40 10.

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