Pflege und Reinigung

There is nothing better than holding onto things that you love, a favorite jacket or a shoe made of genuine leather that you wear every day. These things need their care to withstand the daily weather.

Your flooring, your parquet floor or the summery terrace also need the right care to keep them fresh for many days, weeks and years.
Man or woman does not change his floor every day!

We give you simple care tips and advise you after you have bought a LOFT product.

Tipps zur Pflege und Reinigung für einen langlebigen Parkett

Mann oder Frau wechselt nicht alle Tage seinen Parkett! Wir geben Ihnen einfache Pflegetipps und beraten Sie auch nach einem Kauf eines LOFT-Produktes.

Parkett – Allgemeine Info

Naturprodukte wie Holz erfahren durch äussere Einflüsse eine natürliche Alterung. Kleine Krat-zer, Flecken und andere Spuren des täglichen Gebrauchs führen zu einer natürlichen Patina und Verleihen dem Parkett eine persönliche Note. Achten Sie auf ein gesundes Raumklima von mindestens 45-55 % relativer Luftfeuchtigkeit bei ca. 20°C Raumtemperatur.

LOFT parquet – sealed / varnished

A normal cleaning with a conventional vacuum cleaner with gentle brushes can remove even the coarsest dirt.

For more dirt, we recommend an occasional simple wet cleaning with an additional care product from specialist retailers. To do this, use a well-wiped rag (slightly damp).

LOFT parquet – naturally oiled

In addition to regular vacuuming with a gentle brush or dry wiping, the wooden floor is wiped with water and WOCA wooden floor soap if necessary.
The ingredients of the floor soap act like balm on the wood and regenerate stressed surfaces. In between, it is advisable to wash the parquet floor with the WOCA oil refresher. This gives the oiled floor a maximum dirt-repellent surface.

For the sake of the environment! We have the floor soap in our exhibition in the open.

Design Floor

A normal cleaning with a conventional vacuum cleaner with gentle brushes can remove even the coarsest dirt.
Wet cleaning for coarse dirt is recommended with a care product from specialist retailers.

LOFT Terrace – Wood

Ideally, you should perform a basic cleaning once a year in the case of normal soiling. With WOCA patio cleaner, you can bring out the full color of the wood and protect your floor from moss and algae.
When applied manually, the natural graying of the wood remains, with machine use there is also a particularly thorough cleaning, which largely removes the wood graying. Basic cleaning also serves as preparation for subsequent oil maintenance.

LOFT Carpet

Daily cleaning with a powerful brush vacuum cleaner not only removes protection, it also repels mites and ensures good living quality. Persistent stains can be cleaned using a stain table, depending on the material of the carpet.